WATCH: Video Ng Isang Contestant Sobrang Nagviral Dahil Sa Kakaibang Ginawa Nito Para ‘Di Mapahiya

If there's ever a stereotype that's acceptable it's that gays are the most entertaining group of people you could ever meet. Yes, like straight people, gays are classified into different kinds of people too, but they're never boring. They often

Watch: Mga Lalaking Nag-iinuman Kahit Hanggang Leeg Ang Baha, Viral Ngayon Sa Social Media!

Recently, a video on social media showed how Filipinos can still have drinking sessions even in times of calamity. In a post made by Alvin Garcia on Facebook, the clip showed a man swimming in a neck-level

Woman from Hong Kong gets swept off by Typhoon Mangkhut

Typhoon Mangkhut has greatly affected the Philippines, Hong Kong, and South China. Authorities of Hong Kong tagged Mangkhut as "Super Typhoon Mangkhut" at Hurricane Signal No. 10. Luckily, as of writing, there had been no

Watch: Hindi Inasahan Ng Mga Trabahador Na Ganito Ang Mangyayari Habang Binubuhat Ng Tower Crane Ang Isang Bulldozer

Construction sites are dangerous places to be. After all, these areas are usually filled with heavy tools and equipment that workers use to build things. However, it's not all the time that these could help in

Man’s disguise helps him hide from police officers tracking him down

We are all familiar with the game "hide and seek." In fact, a lot of us might have even played it countless times when we were younger. If you are not familiar with it, the

WATCH: Bagong Mudos Ng Isang Lalaki Sa Pangboboso Ng Mga Nakabukakang Babae, Huli Sa Videong Ito

In at least one point in our lives, we have experienced taking photos with "unwanted flash." This happens when we forget to turn off the flash setting in our cameras or our smartphones. At times,

Driver in South Africa caught carrying 18 passengers in a 5-seater car

South Africa holds the record for the most overloaded mini-taxi in history. Way back in 2009, a driver from Khayelitsha in Cape Town managed to squeeze 112 passengers into mini-van that should only had a

Mga Riders, Ikinatakot Ang Kanilang Nakita Nang Bigla Na Lang Lumabas Ang Kakaibang Nilalang Na Ito

Netizens had something to talk about once again as a certain video was uploaded and went viral on social media. According to the caption of the post, a number of people saw an "Aswang" in the middle

Good Samaritan! Isang Lalaki Binigyan Ng Pera Ang Mga Batang Nanlilimos Ngunit May Hirit Siya Sa Mga Ito Na Talagang Ikinasikat Niya Sa Social Media

Recently, a netizen named Julius Denni Santos, dubbed as a “Good Samaritan,” uploaded a viral video. It showed two street children begging for alms on another vehicle in the middle of the road.

Girlfriend Goes Crazy Toward Boyfriend After He Ruins Her Eyebrows On Fleek

With the advancement of technology, it’s no longer hard for people to find a platform in which they will shine. In the past, you have to go through TV auditions and stage casting calls just

Watch How This 11-Year Old Kid Aces Picking Up Girls

As early as our elementary years, we have been exposed to the idea of love and romance. We may not have a full understanding of what romance really is, but we start buying the idea

Isang Ama, Nag-upload Ng Video Kung Saan Iniimbitahan Ang Mga Tao Sa Kaarawan Ng Kanyang Anak At Hindi Inasahan Na Ganito Karami Ang Pupunta!

Recently, a father posted a video on Facebook of his invitation to her daughter's birthday celebration. He invited family members and close friends only to her daughter's special event on December 26, a day after

Isang Lalaki Sinubukang Puntahan Ang Ilalim Ng Napakalalim Na Balon At Talagang Pinagsisihan Niya Ito Buong Buhay

A man jumped into a deep well in order to see what's beneath but realizes it's not a good idea

VIRAL: Isang Aso Pinaluha Ang Netizen Dahil Sa Reaksyon Nito Nang Abandunahin Siya Ng Sarili Niyang Amo

A video of a crying dog because he was abandoned touched the hearts of a lot of netizens.

Boyfriend’s priceless reaction after his girlfriend pranks him to be fooling around with another guy

Love is one of the most powerful things in the world. As a matter of fact, many people crave to find their one true love—that person they will spend eternity with, one that they can

Disabled woman amazingly plays the violin using only one hand

People with disability are always the priority among others. Society give them special treatment to help them from their burden. They have their own queue in public places and they receive other privileges. However, this

VIRAL: Batang Babae Todo Kapit Sa Kaniyang Guro At Ayaw Sumama Sa Sariling Ina Na Sobrang Ikinapanlumo Ng Mga Netizen

In Cebu, a mother filed a case against one of her daughter’s teachers. Apparently, the child refused to go home with her and hid behind her teacher.

‘Kapalmuks!’- Isang Lalaki, Pinagmumura Ang Mga Saleslady Matapos Ibalik Ang Nasirang Sinturon Na Nilaspag Sa Loob Ng 3 Na Buwan!

The saying "The customer is always right" is very familiar to a lot of people in the world. This simply means that no matter what happens, the person paying for a product should be followed

Building collapses while several construction workers are in it

The phrase “be careful” may be overrated for most of us, but let’s admit it; we all need to be reminded through these words more often than not. Mishaps happen almost all the time and