WATCH: Isang Envelope Vendor, Kinaawaan Ng Mga Netizen Dahil Sa Ginawa Ng Mga Gwardyang Ito Sa Kanya!

A netizen posted a Facebook video of a heated incident between an authority and a man yesterday, October 1. The altercation took place outside Department of Foreign Affairs in Pasay City in Manila. In the

Twins Have Amazing Synchronization during Sparring

Wow! These two incredibly bright boys train each other boxing. Known as NBC Little Big Shots the two in the video are only 10 years old! The twin is quick to remember his brother's long

WATCH: Cockfight refereed by a dog

Cockfighting is a quite an old sport and very famous to different countries. It is setting two cocks to fight with each other and is usually held in a cockpit. It was in the classical

WATCH: Husband caught dancing with someone else!

Luis “Lucky” Manzano is a famous son of renowned actors Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos. Manzano is a multi – talented actor, host, and model known for his shows “Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal,” “The

Watch: Isang Lalaki, Huli Sa CCTV Matapos Nakawin Ang Panty Na Nakasampay Sa Bakuran

The internet is home to different kinds of stories which will entice your curiosity. There are a lot of bizarre, strange and unusual stories in social media and people just cannot help but let it

Dancing Baby Inside Her Mother’s Womb

We have long known the unborn babies can hear music and sounds from outside of the womb, as well as sounds within the mother’s body, like her heartbeat. Recent research suggests that unborn babies respond

Dancing Baby Inside Her Mother’s Womb

We have long known the unborn babies can hear music and sounds from outside of the womb, as well as sounds within the mother’s body, like her heartbeat. Recent research suggests that unborn babies respond

WATCH: You will never guess the ending of this video on Facebook

Most of us always expect an unforgettable and impressive ending whenever we are wanting random videos on the internet. Be it sad or funny, most of us always look forward to finishing what we are

Dalawang Lalaki, Nagmagandang Loob Na Tulungan Ang Isang Tuta Nang Bigla Na Lamang Itong Nangyari

We all know that a dog is a man's best friend. All over the world, we have seen the special relationships that a dog has with its owner. It is a connection unlike any other.

Strong Man Carries Ten Guys All At The Same Time In A Great Acrobatic Act

Each one of us has our own strengths—that’s’ what our parents keep telling us. Whether it is physical or emotional, or even in other aspects of life, we have our positive qualities that we consider

An infant bites her mother’s nipples during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most natural way for a mother to feed her newborn baby. According to many doctors, breastmilk contains every nutrient a baby would need for the first six months of his or her

WATCH: Netizens record a waterspout in Subic Bay

Residents were delighted after seeing a waterspout in Subic Bay. The said natural phenomenon also caused great panic among some netizens in the area.

Isang Babae, Talagang Hindi Inakala Na Ganito Pala Ang Mangyayari Sa Kanya Habang Ginagawa Ang Bagay Na Ito Sa Escalator

A woman who attempted to do the “Escalator Challenge” failed in doing it successfully, thus, resulting to an almost accident.

LOOK! these people acting like a zombie captured by the police in Brazil!

Some substances really have to power to change the way people act. Sometimes, it does a little bit too much. This is enough evidence to prove that you should never try taking them. In some

Take a look at this giant Anaconda spotted swimming casually in a river!

Are you familiar with the Anaconda movie franchise? Its the movies wherein the main antagonist is a huge snake feasting on a group of people one by one. It was quite huge back in the

Boy in Wedding Entourage Kisses Flower Girl When Photographer Says “Kiss” To Bride And Groom

Weddings are a huge milestone in everyone’s life. As a celebration of love, this event is cemented into the minds of those couples who commit to each other in front of the church and the

Watch: Isang Kakaibang Libing Ang Nagviral Matapos Isama Sa Hukay Ang Mga Kayamanan Nito

When it comes to the conversation about one life's end, some people are afraid to face its reality. The truth is, all of us will come to an end at the right time. Nearly everyone

Driver Na Pure Pakistani, Viral Ngayon Matapos Magsalita Ng Tagalog Sa Kanyang Pinoy Na Pasahero

A lot of foreigners reside for a long time here in the Philippines. Some of them know the country's culture, history, and even our national language. Well, it is very impressive to discover a foreigner

Why a disabled man known as Bohol’s ‘Gapang King’ needs our help

Just recently, a netizen uploaded videos and photos of a disabled man named Marcos “Makoy’ Ciras on Facebook. He's known in Bohol as

UNBELIEVABLE: Waterfalls’ Waters Move Upward Instead Of Falling To The Ground, Watch How It Happens Here

Different people have different preferences when it comes to their favorite bodies of water. While the most popular of all are beaches and lakes, there are also a few of us who love the sight