Living organism discovered from a chopped 10-year-old tree trunk

Until now, it is truly a wonder of nature how organisms naturally share beneficial relationships. Trees are the perfect example of blessing from nature which became important not only to the human population but to

Stunning Volleyball Player Caught The Attention Of Many Social Media Users

Filipinos love playing different kinds of sports. Although we lack the characteristics that can be considered an edge to win such as the height and body built, it did not hinder us from joining and

Be Mindful Of Your Pets. Their Cries for Help Might Indicate This Situation!

May we call the attention of all those pet lovers out there? Shout out to all of you! Pet lovers and owners would do anything to make sure that their pets, whatever kind of creature it

A Blessing In Disguise! This Man Discovered A Better Meal Inside The Fish He Caught!

Have you ever heard of the term blessing in disguise? It's a term that's most commonly used whenever we encounter something good over a bad predicament. Most of the times whenever we encounter some bad

This Beautiful And Sexy Pinasy Is Dubbed As The Queen Of Tiktok

Because of the advancement in modern technology, we are now exposed to different social media networking sites, websites, applications and many more. These innovations help us in many ways because of the personal and social

This Guy Cuts Down A Tree And Was Surprised To Find Something Like THIS Inside! What Is This Thing?

Cutting logs is an everyday chore for some people that involves wood in their work or in their household. They do it every day until it becomes a routine and a normal thing. But this

OFW seeking help from employer’s maltreatment gets a healthy dose of reality

We are very much aware that many overseas Filipino workers (OFW) are experiencing unfortunate situations abroad. Recently, a female OFW asked help online after getting maltreatment from an employer. However, it turned out that she

This Man Found Honeycomb Inside A Tire Of An Old Tractor

There are times when we have to store the things we do not need in a particular place. Although a certain thing is already broken and ready to be replaces, we have this particular habit

Fetus Inside Mother’s Womb Moves And Changes The Shape Of Mom’s Belly

Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating things in the world. Many women believe that pregnancy would be the very important thing that would complete their journey as women. Although we all know that being

WATCH: Passenger complains about the air conditioning inside a UV Express

The Philippines offers a lot of public transportation choices for commuters to choose from. There are busses, jeeps, and trains like most countries, but there are also jeepneys, tricycles, UV Express/FXs. The choice for the perfect

It’s Showtime’s hosts teases Vice Ganda: “Batiin mo na siya!”

The playful and often over-the-top banter of It's Showtime's hosts are a familiar scene for those who have watched it for the longest time. The funniest of their jokes seem to always involve their personal

Naglalakihang Tiyan Ng Mga Pating, Binuksan Ng Mga Mangingisda At ‘Di Nila Inasahan Na Ito Ang Madidiskubre Nila

Our ocean is considered as a cavern full of treasures and rich with blessings. We have a lot of bodies of water filled with different marine life that only tells us we are lucky to

Bus Conductor Sustain Injuries After Giving Warning Against Five Men Who Rode Their Bus

When we mention the word hero, we think about the superhuman beings with superhuman powers and those who are wearing capes. But sometimes, the real heroes in our lives go unnoticed. We sometimes forget to

Customer uses unusual way to capture waiter’s attention in local restaurant

Every one of us has our own unique way to get attention or notice from people. Some people would surely do it in a simple way, meanwhile, only a few can go beyond crazy gimmicks. Just take

Isang Lalaki, Viral Ngayon Matapos Ang Kanyang Pag-gaya Sa Iba’t-ibang Disney Characters

Disney princesses are the most-awaited Disney characters by avid fans. These fantastical characters play a major role in the lives of our young ladies because they teach our future women on how to be prim

WATCH: Genius way this father tricks his daughter to drink medicine

As parents, it is their responsibility to make sure that their child gets the proper nutrition. If their child is sick, they should be able to give them the proper care. This includes consulting a

WATCH: Breathtaking Honey Harvest From The Beehive

Bees play a very important role in our ecosystem. Bees main role in different ecosystems is their pollination work. The production of various seeds, fruits and berries greatly depends on pollination and bees are one

Netizen Showed His Friend’s Misfortune And Relates It To How We Behave Every Time Our Crush Is Around

When we think about our crushes, all of us can't help but smile and gush. There's no doubt that our crushes have a huge impact when it comes to us. The thought of them can

Isang Referee Sa Boxing, Tumigil Ang Mundo Matapos Siyang Matamaan Ng Matinding Suntok Habang Umaawat

Boxing is among the most famous sports here in the Philippines. Our country produced professional world champions, Olympic standouts, and some of the greatest fighters in history. Several boxers including Manny Pacquiao, Donnie Nietes, Nonito

Isang Babae, Nagkunwaring Na-ihi Sa Kama Ngunit Sa Halip Na Mandiri Ang lnasikaso Pa Siya Ng Kanyang Boyfriend

What is love? Love is the most powerful emotion one can experience. Many have proven that such wondrous feeling is not always a noun, but also requires action. Love is an open door for those who