Indonesian woman discovered inside the stomach of a 23-foot python

Pythons are the longest snakes in the world. Although they are not venomous, these animals are still perilous. These snakes normally feed on smaller mammals, however, there were rare cases that recorded humans as among

Ultrasound result of a 17-year-old teen, leaves the public alarmed and petrified

To a woman, pregnancy might be one of her greatest achievement in life. We can all agree that every woman has once dreamt of bearing their child and start their own family. But with the

Girl posts a photo her armpits, earns hilarious comments from netizens

At the earlier stage of their life, people are taught to shave their hair starting from their ankles up to their armpits. It somehow became a routine, especially among women, to shave their hair in

Sammie Rimando confirms her split with Arjo Atayde

Sammie Rimando, a member of the popular all-female dance group “GirlTrends,” has finally broke her silence about the break up rumors which involves the Kapamilya star Arjo Atayde. It is now official: Sammie and Arjo

A girl fell of the gap between the train and train platform because her mother was too busy on her phone

For children at the very young age, the parents are the one who’s responsible for guiding and taking care of them. Parents always make sure that their kids are happy while making sure that they

Angie King Gets Lucky and Survives A Car Collision In Ferrari Challenge Held In Italy

The driver and car enthusiast Angie King survived a car collision just this weekend. She referred to this as the shortest race in the entirety of her career. The woman partook in a Ferrari Challenge which

Siblings thought they hit the jackpot for having a foreigner boyfriend on social media, but later on fall victim to a scam!

We could all agree to the fact that the innovation of social media is both a blessing and bad influence to humankind; blessing as it helps us connect with old and new friends, means of

Twins Have Successfully Transitioned To Becoming Males and Went Through The Journey Together!

The world never lacks in surprises and good things, sometimes we just have to pay close attention to the snippets we are given. They are everywhere, after all. The news are endless and sometimes, they

A school in Laguna showed signs of paranormal activity and was caught in a video

At some point in our lives, we’ve already had experienced that hair raising moment, where we feel that we are not alone and that someone is watching us. Most of us believe that there are

Fisherman Goes Viral After Catching An Octopus Just By Clapping At It

Food is a very important part of everyone’s life. It is the very thing that keeps us alive and nourishes us so that we may perform our daily tasks and activities. It is the number

Homeless man creatively transforms a parking space into his home

Homeless people had no choice but to continue their life on the streets. It is the sad reality until now. However, this man from England chose to live differently unlike others like him. Believe it

Paranormal expert Ed Caluag clears up his name on KMJS incident

The paranormal has always been something difficult to explain. For countless of of years experts try their hardest to prove to the public that we are not alone in this world. Now that Halloween is

Pinay domestic helper in Hong Kong caught on act stealing employer’s valuables in a CCTV footage!

Household helpers are a constant employee in some well-off families, due to each family member’s workload in their respective jobs, they opt to hire someone who will be in charge of the laundry, house cleaning,

Jed Madela’s take on some singers with negative attitude

In a press conference that was held at Don Juan Restaurant in Quezon City, Jed Madela didn’t hesitate on answering some questions from the press about his personal life and career. The press conference was

Haggard-looking female security guard undergoes makeover

We all know what happened and how Cinderella transformed into a beautiful princess overnight. From a shabby, ragged look, the Disney princess became the most beautiful maiden in the land just by a simple ‘whish’

Surveillance camera captures strange entity intruding this family’s house

Nowadays, families install surveillance equipment in their homes to closely monitor their young children. Thanks to this kind of technology, parents could check on their kids wherever they are. However, these cameras could not only

Two teenage boys gets punished after doing a Halloween prank in their neighborhood

We already know how fun, and sometimes a little bit hazardous, pranks are. But do you know what's more fun than a prank? A Halloween prank. This is a 2-week long celebration in a year wherein it's

Young woman shocks the Internet with her jaw-dropping transformation

The country has found another beautiful babe to profess their undying love to. It's not a secret that Filipinos are obsessed with discovering new people to admire and social media helps us a lot in

Two Highway Patrol Officers Allegedly Destroyed The Side Mirror Of This Taxi Driver

The Philippines is known for its positive characteristics and being avoided for the negative ones. We are all aware that it seemed every corner and every street of the country has one consistent problem: traffic.

Female internet sensation gets mistaken as kid by the netizens

As we grow old, our appearances change since it is part of the aging process. We lose our child-like appearance while our body turns more mature. However, a Vietnamese woman seemingly defied the natural law