Two teenage boys gets punished after doing a Halloween prank in their neighborhood

Two teenage boys gets punished after doing a Halloween prank in their neighborhood

We already know how fun, and sometimes a little bit hazardous, pranks are. But do you know what’s more fun than a prank? A Halloween prank. This is a 2-week long celebration in a year wherein it’s perfect to pull pranks not to make people laugh but frightened. Most Halloween pranksters do it for their own pleasure and not all of their victims enjoy it.

In the city of Depok, West Java, Indonesia, two teenage boys pulled a prank on their neighbors. Unfortunately for them, their neighbors were quick enough to know it was a prank and reported them to the authorities.

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The teenagers dressed themselves up as Pocongs also known as wrapped ghosts. Pocongs are Indonesian and Malaysian ghosts. They’re believed to be zombie-like ghosts wrapped in white clothing from head to toe.

The teenage boys admitted they got the inspiration for the prank on Instagram. They also admitted to watching a lot of silly videos online that made them want to pull the prank.

According to the neighborhood’s head, Arsyad:

“The locals punished them by making them sleep in a graveyard near Gelora field. They were told to sleep there until their parents came to pick them up. They are still young so we did not do anything else.”

But besides the punishment by their neighbors, they also got a handful from their parents at their home. According to Next Shark, their parents scolded them and took away their smartphones. We can safely say that their parents are also not a fan of Halloween pranks.

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Although these boys weren’t able to successfully pull off their Halloween prank, it’s still eligible to be a part of the many Halloween stories this year. Maybe next year they can be part of the Halloween prank stories.

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