Twins Have Successfully Transitioned To Becoming Males and Went Through The Journey Together!

Twins Have Successfully Transitioned To Becoming Males and Went Through The Journey Together!

The world never lacks in surprises and good things, sometimes we just have to pay close attention to the snippets we are given. They are everywhere, after all. The news are endless and sometimes, they do not have to be bad all. The generation is one of the most accepting generations we have to this date, we know now how to live and let live. There are safe spaces for people who no longer believe in binary genders, as it has now been defined as a spectrum in itself. People are more encouraged and therefore braver in becoming who they truly want to be in this life, may it be through a career or even through gender orientation.

Identitcal twins Jack and Jace can be a testimony to this. Born as Jaclyn and Jennifer in June of 1995 the two are now brothers as they have succesfully transitioned from female to male – yes both of them!

Jack and Jace Grafe were raised in a very conservative Christian home in Baltimore, Maryland. The two however said that they were never truly comfortable in the skin they were in. As children the twins were said to cry to themselves to bed. They would sometimes wish they would wake up as boys instead, even at an early age and before understanding what transgender meant.

When the twins turned 18, they moved to Monroe Georgia where they came out of the closet to each other and then decided to go through a transition even as a duo.The two began their transition in 2017 of April and started takng testosterone. At this point, they have also undergone chest surgery. They can also be already seen sporting some facial hair which was because of the testosterone.

The two are working in law enforcement as well. “As a kid, I would cry and pray to God that I would wake up in a male body” Jack said. “Now I am the happiest with myself that I have been in my entire life. That uncomfortable feeling we had before has competely gone,” he continued.
“Our parents had never seen anything like it. They have never experienced gay or transgender people and my dad is a pastor,” he went on further.

According to his twin Jace, being a twin has helped with the process as well as he has had a support system with him through and through.

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SOURCE: feedytv

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