Paranormal expert Ed Caluag clears up his name on KMJS incident

Paranormal expert Ed Caluag clears up his name on KMJS incident

The paranormal has always been something difficult to explain. For countless of of years experts try their hardest to prove to the public that we are not alone in this world. Now that Halloween is drawing near, stories of the unknown became mainstream media’s hot topic. TV shows feature several instances that were suspected to be paranormal activities. That’s why when an unexplained incident happened in a small barangay in Cabanatuan, TV news magazine show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” quickly picked up the story.

According to reports, an unknown entity is throwing rocks at the houses in the neighborhood at night. Because the residents found it hard to identify exactly who or what the culprit is, they resorted to the believing the idea that their area is being hunted by the unknown.

KMJS brought it a paranormal expert by the name of Ed Caluag. According to Ed, the rock-throwing incident is not a human being’s doing. He said that ang engkanto is responsible for throwing rocks at the houses at night. Ed even showed the viewers a sketch of the engkanto he drew himself.

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To probe further, the KMJS team decided to install CCTV cameras on the neighborhood. Because of this, they were able to discover that a person indeed was the one throwing rocks on the houses. It was actually the doing of a child who experienced bullying and wanted to take revenge.

The show’s discovery tarnished the reputation of Ed Caluag as a paranormal expert. Many viewers tried to discredit him and made fun of the drawing he showed on the episode. Some quipped that he drew himself as an engkanto while others simply dismissed him as a fraud.

In an attempt to save face, Ed appeared once again on KMJS, but this time, he did a live interview with Jessica Soho herself. On the interview Ed clarified that he stands his ground on believing that an engkanto is really responsible for the incident.

He even told Jessica his journey as a paranormal expert and show her several instruments that he used when contacting the unknown.

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However, this did not help much in clearing out his name. In fact many people had mixed reactions in the comments section. Here are some of them:


“Hello people. How about some respect. He’s trying to explain how paranormal thing works”

“yung feeling na idradrawing mo yung mukha ng engkanto pero di mo napansin mukha mo pala na drawing mo ahahaha”

Watch Ed’s interview in the video below:

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