A school in Laguna showed signs of paranormal activity and was caught in a video

A school in Laguna showed signs of paranormal activity and was caught in a video

At some point in our lives, we’ve already had experienced that hair raising moment, where we feel that we are not alone and that someone is watching us. Most of us believe that there are other creatures that are living among us that can’t be seen with the naked eye. While some strongly believe that ghost and other paranormal beings exists, some people remains to be skeptic about it. Hearing some stories of these encounters or having able to see some evidences that suggest the existence of these supernatural beings makes it inevitable to feel goosebumps all over our body.

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Seeing some scary stories and spooky videos of paranormal encounters on the social media are signs that Halloween has finally arrived. Some people are greatly entertained by watching evidences of paranormal activity while some are too frightened to take a glimpse of these scary videos.

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Paranormal experts believe that spirits are still wandering on the earth while some say that they are dwelling in old abandoned places. Through the years, there are numerous old houses, schools, hospitals, and churches that have been considered haunted after some people experienced hearing strange noises, ghost sightings, and other paranormal activities in these buildings. Some of these places have even frightening background stories which are part of their history. Just passing through with these old haunted buildings is enough to give you a spine chilling experience, but what more if you happen to be working in one of these places?

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In a viral video that has been recently uploaded, an evidence of paranormal activity was shown. The video was shot using a surveillance camera in a school somewhere in Victoria Laguna. The video footage features a man that was cleaning up the hallway of the school when the incident happened. While the he was sweeping the floor of the hallway, the dustpan that was near from him started to get moving on its own. The man somehow saw what happened but managed to stay calm and ignored it. Some people who saw the video believed that it was pretty impossible that the wind caused its movement because it moved as if someone grabbed the object and transferred it from one place to another.

Watch the video:

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