Female internet sensation gets mistaken as kid by the netizens

Female internet sensation gets mistaken as kid by the netizens

As we grow old, our appearances change since it is part of the aging process. We lose our child-like appearance while our body turns more mature. However, a Vietnamese woman seemingly defied the natural law of aging when she still looked like an adorable elementary student. Believe it or not, this cute-looking woman is already 19 years old.

Meet Tan Thi Ai Tram, born in 1999 so by this time she should appear like a teenage girl but that’s not the case for her. Although it was not her intention, she really deceived many people because of her young look.

Aside from bearing a young face, she is also an undeniable pretty girl. No wonder her fan page already garnered 200,000 followers online and counting.

As an internet sensation who shares videos and livestreams, her followers originally thought that she was still a grade-schooler. Of course, we couldn’t blame them especially if Tan has an innocent face and a small frame since her height measured only 1.25 meters.

Upon learning Tan’s age, netizens felt truly jealous of her youthful appearance and lovely appearance. Moreover, Tan prove that she may be small but she’s also terrible.

As a matter of fact, she owns a children’s fashion shop. With her business, she really earned money with her own hard work. Despite her small appearance, she embodied the mindset of a grown up and independent woman.

Most of the time, Tan loves sharing moments in her life on social media. She usually uploads chic and aesthetic snaps of her. Without a doubt, Tan is an adorable internet sweetheart which captured a lot of people’s hearts.

PHOTO SOURCE:  feedy.tv

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