Young woman shocks the Internet with her jaw-dropping transformation

Young woman shocks the Internet with her jaw-dropping transformation

The country has found another beautiful babe to profess their undying love to. It’s not a secret that Filipinos are obsessed with discovering new people to admire and social media helps us a lot in this endeavor. One of our recent finds is Mika Salamanca, a young woman who totally caught our attention.

We have to thank “Estudyante101” for introducing us to this young woman. The Facebook page posted several pictures of Mika Salamanca on their feed. People expressed how surprised they were to see her amazing transformation.

Many of us know that some people only blossom when they hit puberty. Crazy chemical reactions must’ve taken place for people to become hotter after puberty. Clearer faces and more defined features are some of the things we look forward to. And Mika Salamanca is a lucky lady for having one of the best post-puberty results we’ve ever seen!

The series of pictures posted on social media showed Mika as a young girl. She looked like any of the kids we see playing on the street – skinny, morena, and having fun. But by the time she reached high school, subtle changes were already happening.

We noticed her skin became fairer and her body was starting to take a fuller shape. Mika still had those bushy eyebrows but of course, they are now kept neat and on fleek. The young woman was  developing a natural blush that very easy on the eyes.

However, there are those who believe that her transformation was partly artificial. Some commented that her skin was enhanced by medicine but others were quite transfixed by Mika’s magical charms.

What do you guys think?

Source: Facebook

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