Homeless man creatively transforms a parking space into his home

Homeless man creatively transforms a parking space into his home

Homeless people had no choice but to continue their life on the streets. It is the sad reality until now. However, this man from England chose to live differently unlike others like him. Believe it or not, he built his own creative home in a vacant space of a parking lot.

After being kicked out from his original home, the 55-year-old man named Paul Lindsay-Jones decided to transform the parking space into his new abode. He used his creativity to fill it with useful furniture like a small table.  He also plans to add a sofa using two chairs.

Furthermore, he decorated it with quirky items, framed pictures, bedding, flowers, and a cardboard carpet. Most of the things he placed on his home came from garbage bins and donations from other people.

Apparently, he did not want to make his situation more hopeless that’s why he thought of a way to make his living still comfortable. According to him:

There are people living on the streets just lying on a sleeping bag. But I like a bit of luxury. It’s about using your brain.

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Even though Paul is deaf and has Asperger’s syndrome, he still preferred to stay where he currently resides. Many came forward and offered him accommodation; however, he all turned them down saying:

Shelter, no, it’s not for me. I had a proper home once. I kept it beautiful. I lost everything. I’m just trying to do the same here.

Still, the authorities in the area feel concerned with Paul’s safety. After all, this man deserves not only praises for his creativity but also a secured home.

Here’s what people online have said about his unique home.

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