Fisherman Goes Viral After Catching An Octopus Just By Clapping At It

Fisherman Goes Viral After Catching An Octopus Just By Clapping At It

Food is a very important part of everyone’s life. It is the very thing that keeps us alive and nourishes us so that we may perform our daily tasks and activities. It is the number one thing that supplements us with the necessary nutrition that we need to keep alive.

Food is such an integral part of our day to day living that all of us work for jobs and other errands so that we may be paid an amount that we can use to buy food for ourselves. Most families and households also allot most of their budget for food.

Depending on the geographical location of your home, your food sources differ. For those living near forests and plains, food sources mainly include vegetables and other produce. For those who live in the tropics and near the sea, food sources comprise of seafood.

Getting food also differ depending on these geographical locations. For example, produce and other vegetables are gathered through farming and harvesting, while seafood is, of course, caught through fishing with nets and other equipment.

However, there are those individuals who have a rather peculiar way of getting food from the sea, just like this viral video of a fisherman who caught an octopus without using any net or apparatus. All he used was his bare hands in catching this seafood.

In the video, we see that it was taken on a shore of what looks like a bank of the sea. We see the fisherman wearing a blue jacket and a pair of jeans, and he also had a black bonnet on his head. We can also see him clapping towards the direction of the water, and for a moment, you may get confused on what exactly he is doing.

He kept on clapping and stops every once in a while to look at the water, as if trying to see if something is moving beneath it. After a few moments, he stopped clapping and went into the water. It was a bit deep as the water went up to his waist.

As he went into the water, the person behind the camera assumed the clapping for him. The fisherman then reached into the bottom of the water and it looked like he has caught something. He pulls it to the surface and we are surprised to see that he has actually caught an octopus just by clapping and inviting it to come to him.

If only catching food were this easy, we wouldn’t have a problem putting dishes on the table.

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