Pinay domestic helper in Hong Kong caught on act stealing employer’s valuables in a CCTV footage!

Pinay domestic helper in Hong Kong caught on act stealing employer’s valuables in a CCTV footage!

Household helpers are a constant employee in some well-off families, due to each family member’s workload in their respective jobs, they opt to hire someone who will be in charge of the laundry, house cleaning, preparing the dishes, and overall management of the house.

Nowadays, it seems very hard to look for a trustworthy person who is a total stranger and will let them inside your house, a safe place where you keep all your valuables. Regardless if the helper is recommended by a friend or you hired them from an agency, there are still some who are evil enough to do you wrong.

Filipinos are known for having incredible service especially as domestic helpers, this is the main reason why lots of foreign families all over the world could not live without a Filipina maid since we are very efficient and caring in this line of service.

But just recently netizens outraged after the image of Filipina domestic helpers abroad was once again painted in a bad light after a Filipina was caught on act stealing valuables from her employer.

In the video posted by Facebook page “Master Henyo” it could be seen that a Filipina domestic helper based in Hong Kong is being confronted by her two foreign employers after they discovered that the helper is stealing items when they are not at home.

They discovered it through the footage that was captured by the CCTV camera inside the employer’s house.

In the CCTV footage, the unidentified Pinay helper could be seen doing her modus while she is left alone at home. She could be seen rummaging a bag placed in the living room and caught on act stealing something valuable inside it.

During their heated confrontation, the foreign employers asked her how many times has she done such stealing, but the guilty female helper is stuttering and said that she could no longer remember the number of times she attempted and successfully steal valuable items from her employer.

“I admit my mistake… the money, but I do not have the money now,” the Pinay helper said.

“I’m not sure how many times. I’m sorry, I admit my mistake because I just borrow money to the bank,” she added.

Reportedly, the Filipina is now facing necessary charges for what she did.

But this turnout of events did not go well with the Filipino online community, most of them outraged and expressed how ashamed they are for the desperate moves of the Filipinas domestic helper.

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Source: Pilipinohub

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