Angie King Gets Lucky and Survives A Car Collision In Ferrari Challenge Held In Italy

Angie King Gets Lucky and Survives A Car Collision In Ferrari Challenge Held In Italy

The driver and car enthusiast Angie King survived a car collision just this weekend. She referred to this as the shortest race in the entirety of her career.
The woman partook in a Ferrari Challenge which was held in Monza Italy. This was where her car became severely broken in several damaged parts. The plus side of everything was that she was not hurt and was safe.

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“What a devastating weekend. Three DNFs (did not finish) and possibly the shortest race in my race career,” was the caption for her Instagram post last Monday. She had also shared a glimpse of the catastrophe

“I am sore and depressed with how my Finali Mondiali turned out to be a derby instead of a race… I am glad I was able to walk away from this calamity” the race car driver said.

At that moment, her wife also took to her social media account to share that she had felt fear, anxiety, and sheer panic during the collision.

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“This weekend was a tough one for Ange. She is okay! Not a scratch on her! As you can see, the car took a major thumping earlier. My heart stopped, my mind blew up, and I ran out to the track pit like a bat out of hell looking for her… pushing people from my mad run,” she stated. “All I could think… was to find her and hold her.” Joey Mead wrote.

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She then continued and said she felt very relieved that the race was finally said and done. “You know I support her and her passions, I love her. But I’m happy race week is done… for this year,”she proceeded to write. She even left in a quirky hashtag that said “please find another passion,” which we all understood as a joke.

A number of netizens quickly flocked to the comments section of Joey Mead’s post in order to express their concern for her wife Angie King. Here are some of the comments:

“Always take care Miss. God will protect the two of you, always. God bless po.”

“@angiemeadking @joeymeadking Glad that she’s okay.. take care both of you yah”

“Masaya po akung malaman na okay ka po @angiemeadking .. god is good.”

“Oh my! I can imagine level ng nerbiyos mo. Thank God that she’s ok. Your hashtag though. Kung pwede nga lang kaso nasa sistema na ni Ange yan”

Watch the video here:

Here are the comments from the netizens:

“Not everyday is ur lucky day so take extra care and mind the hashtag of your loving wife! God Bless”

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