Alex Gonzaga’s driver shares how he the actress treats him as an employee

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Netizen shares inspiring story of 83-year-old elderly taxi driver

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‘nag-iba yung kanta’ Isang Lalake Muntikan Nang Mahuling Sumasayaw Ng Bboom Bboom Ng Kaniyang Kasama

A shirtless man with a buff body shockingly danced the steps to the famous “BBoom BBoom.

‘Nakakakilabot!’- Actual CCTV Footage Ng Landslide Sa Naga City, Cebu, Viral Ngayon Sa Social Media!

Recently, super Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) smashed the Philippines with strong winds and heavy rains. There's no doubt that it has brought destruction and terror to every one of us, especially those who reside on the Northern

Kiray Celis, Isinugod Sa Ospital Na Sobrang Ikinalungkot Ng Kanyang Mga Fans!

Kiray Celis is easily one of the most recognizable talents of her age. Ever since she was a child, we all saw her evolve into the star that she is now. Through her numerous projects

Isang Pinay Sa U.S, Nakatanggap Ng Pang-iinsulto Galing Sa Amerikana Na Aktwal Pang Nakunan Ng Video!

Racism is the common belief that some human races have higher power than others. It often results in discrimination and marginalization towards people based on their social group. This type of inequality has been one

Watch: Isang Babaeng Hinarang Ng Mga Pulis, Nagmatigas At Halos Sagasaan Na Ang Mga Ito

For years, citizens have been hearing news about corrupt officials. Because of these unjust officials, citizens have found ways to fight them or fight for their own rights. But what was supposed to be a

Isang Lolong Halos Hindi Na Makalakad, Pinagsamantalahan Ng Dalawang Lalaki Na Nakunan Pa Ng Video!

Seems like nowadays, thieves don't choose who their victims will be. Whether you are a male or female, young or old, these muggers are going to steal from you. They don't care even if you've

Thai Woman Na Madalas Pagtawanan Sa Social Media, Malaki Pala Ang Naitulong Sa Pilipinas Lalo Na Bagyong Yolanda!

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is one of the most popular sayings in this world. Basically, it means not to draw conclusions about people based on how they look on the outside. Instead,

Niregaluhan Ng Lalaki Ang Kaniyang Girlfriend Na Nanloko Sa Kaniya At Siguradong Pati Kayo Kikilabutan Sa Niregalo Sa Kaniya Ng Boyfriend Niya

Recently, a video of a woman in getting pranked by her man became an instant trending topic on social media.

Babala: Kung Lulusong Sa Baha Ay Mas Mabuting Mag-ingat Lalo Pa’t Malapit Sa Poste

The Philippines is prone to natural calamities. Being in a region wherein earthquakes and typhoons frequently occur, Filipinos are expected to know ways to stay safe in times like these. But despite all the preparations

WATCH: Mga Netizen, Galit Na Galit Sa Umano’y Off-duty Na Pulis Dahil Sa Ginawa Nito Sa Isang Jeepney Driver Na Nakasagi Lamang!

Social media has been the people's way to easily seek justice. Many continue posting samples of injustices that happen in our country in the hopes of getting their side of the story heard. In a recent Facebook video, a policeman

Video footage shows jam-packed train system in India

A great and smooth-flowing public transportation can be considered as sign of development in a city. Nearly every city all over the world have their own means of transport. A video footage showed a jam-packed

Good samaritan sacrifices own life to save hostage

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Stephen Curry meets “Little Stephen Curry of the Philippines”

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WATCH: Isang Lalaking Caretaker, Ipinakulong Nang Dahil Sa Kanyang “ITLOG”

Every citizen has the right to claim innocent until proven guilty. Moreover, it is important that the authorities observe and practice due process. When someone is denied of due process, it would be a violation of a

Netizen shares awful dating experience with a guy who snatched her cellphone

Socializing with strangers became more acceptable through time. In order to meet new people and welcome them into our lives, we must allow ourselves to be open to the world. However,  it's almost impossible to

WATCH: Cityhall Employee, Sinipa Ang Isang Babae Na Nakarehistro Sa Comelec Na Aktwal Na Nakunan Ng Video

A public servant is appointed to help the people in the community with their needs. They are known for being assigned to the government offices and agencies to assist the local citizens that come to

WATCH: Isang Lalaki Ang Nagviral Dahil Sa Ginawa Niyang Ito Sa Kanyang Misis Na Malapit Ng Manganak Na Nagpaluha Sa Mata Ng Mga Netizen

Being born a woman might be hard and painful. The most challenging part for a woman's journey is to undergo birth delivery. Luckily, there are women who have good husbands to take care of them

FYI: The Truth Behind The Little Girl With Red Eyes

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