WATCH: Boy receives the best birthday gifts in the most creative way

WATCH: Boy receives the best birthday gifts in the most creative way

Birthdays are the most special day in a person’s life. As special as it is, it should be celebrated in a memorable way–with loved ones around you, delicious and carefully-prepared food, and well-wishers to tell you how much they love you. Gifts, small or extravagant, are just bonus to the party.

But what this boy received is the biggest and grandest ‘bonus’ anyone in his age could ever expect. In a viral video that spread around social media, the ‘additional gifts’ were creatively hidden inside the cake they placed in front of him.

While the his friends and family gathered around to sing happy birthday, the boy shyly hides himself under his clothes. From the look in his eyes, it’s safe to say that he’s smiling, and maybe that’s why he’s covering his mouth. Upon blowing the candles on his birthday cake, he immediately ran off. Little did he know there were more in store for him.

There was a piece of paper covered in plastic protruding from the surface of the cake. Slowly, the birthday boy pulled it, and pulled it, and pulled it more. It was actually a string of bills, ranging from 20 pesos to 500 pesos! The long string of money made the boy smile widely, as he pulled it until he reached the end.

While he is still giddy with joy, the people who are in on the surprise instructed him to help his mother lift the flat surface of the table. Underneath the table was a teenage boy’s ultimate dream, a new computer set with a flat screen monitor!

The look on the boy’s face was indescribable. His friends started to tease him, “Iiyak na yan! iiyak na yan oh!” For a few minutes, he couldn’t say a word or even mouth a thanks. He was too stunned upon realizing all he have received for his birthday.

The video was posted by the Facebook account named Enidlareg Aicrag, who also posted a suprise video much like this earlier this year. The caption written on the post, “Happy bday anak..sana nagustuhan mo gift ni mommy.,i love you anak..” led us to believe that both videos were of her children. What a dedicated and creative mother they have!

These children are extremely lucky for having generous parents who would give them the world if they can. Many comments from netizens expressed their admiration for the mother’s creativity in organizing this birthday surprise.

What do you think of the gifts?

Watch the video:

Here are the comments from the netizens:

SOURCE: ManilaflashFacebook


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