Stunning white girl went viral on social media for sharing photos with “average-looking” husband

Stunning white girl went viral on social media for sharing photos with “average-looking” husband

People nowadays are getting more and more attached to society’s standards of beauty. Because of the numerous advertisements portraying men and women with fair skin, perfect teeth, and envy-worthy body as what beautiful should be, people are now blInded with the real essence of beauty which should reflect what’s coming from the inside or the person’s attitude, personality and total being.

Because of this unreasonable and unrealistic standards of looks, people are also very quick to judge the couples who do not seem conform to the society’s norm or so to say “match” with each other’s physical attributes.

But one woman stood up and broke this stereotype despite being criticized by netizens. She showed off her beautiful family, and you wouldn’t believe what you’re about to see.

Facebook user Lucy LuvElla who hails from Phnom Penh in Cambodia earned her instant social media fame after showing off photos of her with her husband and daughter on social media.

Just like any other families, Lucy is sharing photos of her family on social sites, but what do you think made her stand out? Well, simply because eagle-eyed netizens could not help their judgemental thinking over the unusual match of Lucy and her husband, identified as Pen Visa.

Based on the photos, Lucy and Pen obviously have a totally contrasting skin tone. Lucy has her fair white skin whilst Pen has darker skin tone, which left some netizens describe him as an “average-looking” guy.

Lucy and Pen have an offspring, a beautiful baby girl who is obviously a perfect mix of both her mother and father. She got this olive skin, big expressive eyes, and black wavy hair.

A lot of netizens could not help but express how lucky Lucy’s husband is for making such a beautiful lady fall in love with him and be able to give him a beautiful daughter as well. But of course, there are also other negative comments saying that Pen does not deserve Lucy’s beauty and that they should not be together simply because they are not everybody else’s ideal match.

But basing it on the photos, it seems that Lucy is very smitten with her husband, sorry to all the critics who are trying to throw negativities to this happy couple.



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