Lorin Bektas wows fans with her two-piece

Lorin Bektas wows fans with her two-piece

It is not surprising why the public seems to urge Lorin Bektas to join the entertainment realm or the pageant world. After all, her mom Ruffa Gutierrez is the 1993 Miss World 2nd Princess, and she is part of the prominent showbiz kin. Of course, all in all, they deem the young lady as a promising luminary in the business because of her undeniable beauty which makes her an instant hotshot on social media.

However, in a 2017 article from Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Ruffa shared that her teen daughter is yet to tell if she’ll venture into show business or not. Moreover, the beauty queen said that Lorin is presently focused on her studies.

“Wala pa. I think she’s too young pa, wala pa talaga sa utak niya. She’s thinking more about college. Happy ako na ganoon.”

Nevertheless, Ruffa left a piece of advice for Lorin if ever she gets interested in joining beauty pageants.

“Enter the beauty pageant world with the right mindset… Hindi lang, ‘ay, you know, pampaganda, ganoon.” It’s really to represent the country and to be an inspiration to women all over the world.”

Meanwhile, Lorin wowed her Instagram fans after her no. 1 fan, or her mom Ruffa, just recently shared a photo of her rocking in a two-piece swimwear. At such a young age, truly, the 15-year-old beauty is already hinting even with her fashion sense that she can be the next big thing.

Ruffa captioned her post with:

“My Lorini Pie.”

The photo was taken at Mithi Resort and Spa, a well-known private resort in Bohol.

As of press time, the post already amassed 20,756 within only two days. Scrolling through the comments section, netizens were evidently praising Lorin and her mom for raising an equally beautiful daughter.

Indeed, only time will tell if the young lady would want to pursue a title is the pageant or would enter the showbiz industry. For now, we may admire Lorin’s beauty through her modelling gigs given that she has been feature in several local brands.

As a matter of fact, her school got to discover her knack for acting when she starred as the lead character in their stage production, “Brief Encounter,” a vintage British romance film. Further, she leads her campus’ cheerleading team. Suffice it to say that she’s already making a name for herself even if she isn’t on TV.

Here are the reactions from the netizens:

How about you? Do you also think Lorin Bektas can be the next big thing in the entertainment realm?

SOURCE: Abs-cbn | Manilaflash | GMA

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