COMELEC Spokesperson James Jimenez resigns after Jessy Mendiola photo

COMELEC Spokesperson James Jimenez resigns after Jessy Mendiola photo

At work, the most important thing besides having the skills is a person’s attitude or professionalism. It is important for every company to have employees that know how to act and communicate within their workspace. This because it impacts the company’s image. This is what the former COMELEC Spokesperson lacked during the source code review kick-off event at De La Salle Univesity.

James Jimenez publicly apologized and resigned after the inappropriate flashing of a photo during the event last Saturday, October 13. Apparently, James used his personal computer and it so happens that his wallpaper was Jessy Mendiola wearing a bikini.

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Attorney Glenn Chong posted a photo of the wallpaper of the speaker during the event. He started off with his caption saying:


In his post, he mentioned that the speaker ignored the photo and continued with his presentation as if nothing happened.

“Tila walang pakialam ang speaker at tuloy-tuloy lang sa kanyang talumpati o baka hindi niya ito napuna. Ito ay analogous o kahalintulad sa isyu ng dayaan sa halalan.”

According to Atty. Glenn, the COMELEC and Smartmatic bragged about the ’82 enhancements’ that will improve the automated election system. He mentioned that there are many errors on the automated election system as seen during the 2016 elections. Atty. Glenn claimed that it was because Smartmatic had to rush its production for the elections two years ago. He concluded that these ‘enhancements’ were long overdue and should’ve already been done before it was even put to use.

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During James Jimenez’ resignation, he took full responsibility, apologized, and claimed to regret what had happened.

“There was a small technical issue involving flashing of a photo which was inappropriate for the event.” 

“I take responsibility and I apologize. I regret it.”

“Because of that I resigned as a focal person for the local source code review.”

“If I don’t acknowledge it, it will affect the integrity of the process. Ultimately, this is for the transparency and overall credibility of the institution I serve.”

Netizens raved about what happened. Here are some of their comments on social media:

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