Get to meet these beautiful women that once became a part of the life of the actor Cesar Montano

Get to meet these beautiful women that once became a part of the life of the actor Cesar Montano

Cesar Montano is one of the most brilliant actors in the Philippine entertainment industry. Because of his good looks and undeniably remarkable talent in acting, a lot of women are falling over him. Here’s a list of the beautiful women who was romantically linked with today’s controversial actor Cesar Montano.

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Marilyn Polinga

Marilyn Polinga was the first wife of Cesar. Unfortunately, Marilyn’s life ended at an earlier stage on 1993 because of a malignant growth in her brain. Cesar and Marilyn’s love for each other resulted into the birth of their two children named Angela and Angelo.

Charlene Gonzales

While Cesar and the former beauty queen Charlene Gonzales were working for a movie project titled Kadre on 1997, some rumors circulated saying that Charlene and Cesar had a relationship with each other. Cesar and Charlene were quick to shut down this rumor.

Teresa Loyzaga

The actress Teresa Loyzaga also had a relationship with the actor Cesar Montano. Teresa and Cesar had only one child who’s now one of the most promising actor in the Philippine Television named Diego Loyzaga. Diego have followed his parents’ steps who’s a great actor and actress.

Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz was the second wife of Cesar Montano. After the actor has been involved in several controversies and issues, Cesar and Sunshine ended their 13 long years of relationship together after their annulment was granted by the court last September 2018. Cesar and Sunshine were married last 2013 and they’ve been blessed with 3 girls named Angeline Isabelle, Samantha Angeline at Angel Francesca.

Krista Miller

Krista’s name blew up after being involved in Sunshine and Cesar’s separation. It was said that the sexy actress was a third party in Sunshine and Cesar’s relationship.

Sandra Seifert

The Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Sandra Seifert was also romantically linked with Cesar after some people have spotted them in several events together. It was also reported that Cesar and the beauty queen had a child.

Katrina Angeles

Cesar’s photo who caught the attention of the netizens went viral. It all started when Cesar’s

christening photo with the alleged partner Katrina circulated in the Internet.

Sophie Rankin

Sophie Rankin also made noise after she was linked with Cesar Montano. It was said that the young model was spotted several times together for some events.

Maria Ozawa

After being featured for their movie in 2015 titled Nilalang, the adult film actress admitted that Cesar and her had a one night stand but later on denied the issue.

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Source: GMA

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