Guy dramatically cries on the ground after finding out that his crush got pregnant

Guy dramatically cries on the ground after finding out that his crush got pregnant

It really sucks being brokenhearted, right? Most of us have experienced having crushes — it maybe your classmate, that cool workmate or even the charming person you pass by every day. Of course, our crushes would always brighten up our day just by the smallest interactions you shared. However, liking someone is not rainbows and hearts all the time. After all, an innocent crush could end up to heartbreak most of the time.

Just take a look at what happened to this poor guy whose heart got broken to pieces. In this viral video, you would see a teenager lying on the cold hard ground. Meanwhile, another boy who sounded worried constantly asked if his friend was alright. His crying pal even tightly hugged him while sobbing.

It turned out that the dramatic scene happened when the brokenhearted boy learned that his crush got pregnant. One of his friends mentioned the bad news while the other one scolded him for reminding their mourning friend.

‘Yung crush niya pre buntis na.

Pinaalala mo pa!

As moral support, the two guys tried cheering him up. They even quipped the fact that it was just a crush. Moreover, they reminded him that he still has his friends no matter what. Cue the collective “awws” for this strong friendship.

They continued to console him as he continued to bawl his eyes out. Meanwhile, a concerned friend was adamant to stop him from being dramatic so he lightly slapped him.

With this, the sad guy suddenly wiped his tears and stood up. To everyone’s surprise, he funnily ran and vent out his frustrations to the girl who broke his heart.

Let’s admit it, we could totally relate to this guy.

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