‘Sana All!’- Isang Bride, Napatakbo Sa Tuwa Nang Makita Ang Surprise Guest Sa Araw Ng Kanyang Kasal

‘Sana All!’- Isang Bride, Napatakbo Sa Tuwa Nang Makita Ang Surprise Guest Sa Araw Ng Kanyang Kasal

It’s no secret that all brides go crazy during wedding preparation. They plan and worry about every last detail of their wedding. But no matter how well you plan things, you can never really control things that could still go wrong. For instance, this couple who was about to share their first dance as husband and wife suddenly had technical difficulties. What she didn’t know was there’s a surprise waiting for her on stage.

The first dance is a wedding tradition that celebrates the start of a wonderful marriage. It’s an old tradition done millions of times in the past but has never wavered.

Normally, if anything goes wrong at the wedding, a bride’s initial reaction is to panic. However, it was not the case for this bride. Though she may have shown a tiny bit of concern when their song stopped abruptly, she didn’t let it ruin her night. The host of the reception even asked if they could play a live music instead since there was a keyboardist present on stage.

For their first dance, their song was “Like There’s No Yesterday” sung by her favorite country singer, Mark Wills.

What the bride didn’t know was that it was all part of the plan! The technical difficulty and the keyboardist held a pleasant surprise for her. Because apparently, the groom was able to get Mark Wills himself to perform the song for their first dance!

The bride screamed excitedly seeing Mark Wills on stage at her wedding with his guitar ready to perform. Her reaction was exactly what was expected of her. What more can a bride ask than to be serenaded by one of her favorite singers at her own wedding?

After their first dance, the bride and the groom were able to meet the country singer.

Weddings are really special events. It is a time where it’s always okay to cry. And although not everyone gets to have their dream wedding, if they are with the right person, it won’t matter where, how, and when you’ll get married.


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