Checkout the museum-inspired house of Julius and Christine Babao

Who said you can never have a house and an art gallery at the same time? Just take a look at inside the home of Julius and Christine Bersola-Babao. Every corner of their museum-inspired abode

Domestic Helper Shocked With How Her Kuwaiti Employers Treated Her

Dubbed as “The Pearl of the Orient Seas,” the Philippines is indeed blessed with wonders of nature. With more than 7,100 islands, you’ll surely never run out of beaches, forests, and other wonderful sites to

Isang Amang Ipinakita Ang World Class Na Boses Para Lang Mailabas Ang Naka Sa Hospital

During a wedding ceremony, one of the most precious and meaningful parts is the time when the husband and wife are reciting their vows. The beautiful words used to create this vow form a very

Halos Pandirihan Ng Mga Costumer Ang Pulubing Ito Ngunit Nanlaki Ang Mata Nila Nang Makita Ang Bagay Na Ito Na Pagmamay-ari Niya

Society gives a big bias on how we look and what impression we give out. It's so vital that most of the times it dictates how people would treat us, whether they would treat us

Isang Grupo Ng Estudyante, Nagviral Ngayon Matapos Nilang Gawin Ito Sa Lalaking Namamalimos

In our daily lives, we are used to depending on our phones every time we are bored. We usually scroll on our newsfeed to find interesting posts online. Sadly, we typically encounter rants, tragic News,

Heartwarming written notes from her brother’s diary!

Karinda was born eldest with two siblings. a 6 years old followed him, Jemar; and their youngest, 5-month-old, Kel; while she was 14 years old. She was assigned to watch over her siblings during the holidays

An Indonesian-British couple with cultural difference proved that love wins against all odds!

Love knows no boundaries. We all know that when we are speaking about forever that means we found the right person for us. Same with this love story, Jennifer Brocklehurst, a Briton girl and Bayu Kumbara

Couples heartwarming reaction to their newly adopted baby girl!

Do you remember that moment you first held your child? Can you recall that new-baby smell or those tiny fingers that gripped your own? Entering parenthood is a beautiful and special thing. There are few sweeter

Student who worked as a “kasambahay” graduates college with honors

A student proudly shared that he graduated college with flying colors because of being a “kasambahay”

The Heart-melting Story Of A Wife Who Benefits From The Noble Acts Done By Her Late Husband

There are lots of stories that are being posted on social media, may it be a horror, fantasy, drama, or inspiring, name it and the internet surely has it for you. However, it’s not every

Then and Now: Life of April Boy Regino today!

Check out the latest update of Jukebox icon April Boy Regino!

Limbless child changes the lives of her American adopted parents

Adrianne and Jason Stewart did not think twice about adopting a limbless Filipino orphan that soon changed their family’s lives.

Generous man gives spare clothes to junk collector without knowing it would change his life

Little did this generous store owner know that one small act of kindness towards a junk collector was the very thing that would change his life years later.

These amazing houses in the middle of nowhere are built for introverts

. Åkrafjorden, Norway – This picturesque home is perfect for hobbits-at-heart. . Coober Pedy, Australia – The residents of Coober Pedy have mastered the art of making houses below the ground. . Cliff Haven, Utah- This literal

Construction workers find lost dog in the most unusual place

A 12-year-old retriever from Minnesota got caught up in a pickle and found herself stuck in a cliff in the middle of a construction site.

Scorned man ends the life of his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend

A scorned lover decided to take matters into his own hands when his girlfriend dumped him for another man. In a chilling series of events, the man decided to end the life of his ex-girlfriend’s

Heartwarming story of a father and son goes viral

A heartwarming story of a father and son has gone viral on social media. Seemingly a work of fiction, it tells the tale of a son who has always been ashamed of his father.

Netizen narrates the secret pregnancy of her 16-year-old sister

Based on the narrative taken from Facebook, this female social media user shared her teenager sister’s secret pregnancy and how she gave birth without their family knowing it.