Netizen Shares Video Of Many Dolphins Visiting Oriental Mindoro

Netizen Shares Video Of Many Dolphins Visiting Oriental Mindoro

Our oceans and seas have an abundant set of marine lives. We are blessed to have these creatures and his natural resources because they do not just help our local fishermen but they also help the country be known for its abundant and rich marine properties.

Dolphins are among people’s most favorite fishes. They are very wonderful and bubbly that mot children and those children at hearts love to see them. In some marine attractions or parks, dolphin shows are always a best-seller. Children are really looking forward to watch their show or to interact with them.

Dolphins are friendly animals. There is no doubt many people love them because they are very sweet and adorable, They are also very intelligent and the way they show themselves to humans says something about our connection with each other. Interacting with dolphins are always an unforgettable experience. And the Philippines is very lucky to have dolphins as visitors.

A viral video recently caught the attention of many social media users. Many netizens share their opinion regarding the beauty of the video. As of this writing, the video already gained thousands of reactions, shares and views. People also flock in the comment section to tag their friends so they could see how beautiful the video is.

The video was uploaded by Kristina Madrigal Mangao. She captioned her video with, “First time in the History of Libtong Bulalacao Oriental Mindoro Dumagsa ang Napakaraming #DOLPHIN. Enjoy Watching”

It can be seen in the video that they are just roaming around the ocean boarding a small boat. To their surprise and excitement, hundreds of dolphins show up and it seems these dolphins are creating their own show for these humans. They are very fortunate to witness such event because it is not everyday that these dolphins would show up.

Watch the video below:

Here are the comments from the netizens:

What can you say about this? Do you have special interactions with dolphins as well? Do you want to share some of them? Please feel free to tell your dolphin tale in the comments section.

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