Joel Cruz’s Victorian-Themed Mansion in Tagaytay

Joel Cruz’s Victorian-Themed Mansion in Tagaytay

One of the fruits of Joel Cruz’s success is his mansion in Canyon Woods, Tagaytay City. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at his home.

Lord of Scents is blessed with a lot lined up to his multi-million peso business. Even with plenty of money in his pocket, Joel Cruz is still down to earth, the reason for the unarguable blessings he receives. Joel Cruz, after having 3 pairs of twins, has a new son through surrogacy. One of the latest news of the fragrance manufacturer stated that he even brought forty people including his children’s nannies for a vacation in Tokyo, Japan. He also the founder of one of the Filipino foundations that aim to change the country for the better, Joel Cruz Aficionado Foundation Inc. Through this foundation, Joel helps children who are abandoned or troubled, the elderly, and the disabled. Joel really practices the common line, “Share your blessings.”

The graduate of Psychology from the University of Santo Tomas now has a home in Tagaytay. As elegant as Joel Cruz is, his home has a nice touch of sophistication that will remind you of an ultimate luxury urban living.
The mansion is a five-leveled house filled with aesthetic furniture. It has a roof deck with helipad, maybe for easy transport of the successful entrepreneur. It has 7 bedrooms, 2 maids room, a spa & sauna, a salon, a mini-theater, a swimming pool and a gym. If you are familiar with Aficionado’s perfume line, you will notice that the color scheme of the mansion’s exterior is dominated by Aqua Turquoise that is dark and yet soothing to the eyes because of the accents that seem to be bricks. In the middle of the façade you will find a title of the Victorian-themed mansion, “The Mansion of the Lord of Scents”.

On the veranda is a sculpture of two women facing opposite sides placed in a fountain where the perfume scent is spread. Upon entering the house you will have that 5-star hotel feels as it looks like a lobby that awaits you. The classy dining area will make you feel as if you were in an 1800s Tea Party that added more to the Victorian-theme of the mansion.
This mansion was an extract of Joel Cruz’s careful study, hard work, sacrifices, and his passion. His success is an epitome of accomplishments from doing hardwork. Like Joel Cruz, let’s work hard for our passion, and who knows, maybe we might be successful like him.

Source: Kami, Kami2, TNP



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