Tree spinach is a miracle plant that reportedly can cure a wide array of health conditions

The Cnidoscolus aconitifolius, Chaya or tree spinach, is believed to have many health benefits for various health conditions. This miracle plant is reported to have originated from Mexico and can help improve vision, reduce weight, and more.

Russian woman passed away after being embalmed during her surgery

What was supposed to be a simple surgical operation that would save her life turned out to be the cause of a Russian woman's demise after doctors mistakenly injected her with the wrong substance.

Australian mother shares images of her 11-month-old son who has chickenpox

Scroll down to see the images of the 11-month-old baby who suffered from chickenpox.

Here are the impressive health benefits of bay leaves

Bay leaves are used to give flavor to the very delicious adobo but this article will give you eight health benefits offered by this leaf.

The promising kids of rich celebrities

We consider ourselves lucky for being born in the world, but these kids are luckier for being born with rich and famous parents. With that said, they are predicted to have promising and successful careers in the future just like their parents. Learn who these children of famous celebrities are. 1. The Legaspi Twins The … More

Woman gets the last laugh after being embarrassed by husband’s friends

A woman who was considered to be unattractive by her husband's former schoolmates was the butt of all the jokes during their school reunion. But when the night ended, it was her that had the last laugh.

A Good-looking Man Inspires People With This Photo Taken During Their JS Prom

This young man was indeed man enough to gave this girl a night that she won't forget.

Netizens commend a guy who acted as prince charming during their prom

On a recent post made by Facebook user Chris Tutor, he modeled how a true gentleman should be and proved that chivalry is not yet dead. On his lengthy status, he narrated how he met a lady during their school prom and how that moment hit him with many realizations about how men should treat women. 

This Man’s Transformation From Chubby To Fit Goes Viral!

A young man's transformation went extremely viral online!

Dylan and his amazing journey through Congenital Melanocytic Nevus

This is a story of a brave child Dylan and his journey through Congenital, Malanocytic Nevus, how he survived the sickness and the criticisms

Thoughtful police officer tells woman to pull over for this unexpected reason

At first, this woman was annoyed when a police officer told her to pull over. However, she was soon overwhelmed with gratitude after finding out the thoughtful police officer's intention.

Man spots himself photobombing his wife’s old travel photo

A Chinese man spots himself in an old picture of his wife taken when they were still strangers to each other.

Sweet Chinese boyfriend wore his girlfriend’s heels to make her more comfortable

A Chinese boyfriend didn't care about what peeople might say as he wore his girlfriend's high heels to make her more comfortable during their visit to the hospital.

Saab Magalona opens up about losing her baby daughter

Saab Magalona and her husband Jim Bacarro has gone through an emotional time after her pregnancy. The star has finally spoken about losing their baby girl.

A man wrote his heartfelt farewell message to his girlfriend

This guy wrote a heartfelt farewell message to his girlfriend who just past away.

Sophia Seronon wins first Miss Multinational crown

Sophia Senoron of San Beda grabs the crown for the first ever Miss Multinational

Wowie de Guzman’s incredible experience as a single dad inspires netizens

Wowie de Guzman‘s family life had just started when his beloved wife, Sherryl Ann Reyes, 26, passed away. It was all so sudden, too — just a month after Reyes gave birth to their first child, Alex Rafael. It was a tough time for the 37-year-old dancer and TV personality. In an interview with ABS-CBN … More

Remember Wilma Doesn’t? Well, her daughter Asiana is all grown up now and could pass for a high-fashion model!

Remember Wilma Doesn't? The TV personality who rose to fame in the 90's as a comedienne and model? Well, she has three kids now, and one of them looks so much like that she could pass for a high-fashion model! Meet Asiana, Wilma's jaw-dropping gorgeous daughter!

This Is The Simplest And Most Effective Way Of Avoiding Stress!

Stress is a part of everyday life that can follow you anywhere you go. There are different factors that trigger stress in a person – it might be work, personal or financial-related. Stress is your body’s way of responding to stimuli that causes…

Here are 10 Helpful Tips if You Are Trying to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes tend to be addictive due to the effects of nicotine which is found in tobacco. It easily transports to the brain and gives a relaxed feeling and also reduces stress. However, too much of anything is bad and smoking is not something you…