Woman in China gets hospitalized for wearing only one undergarment once a month

Woman in China gets hospitalized for wearing only one undergarment once a month

It is always a necessity to keep ourselves clean all the time. We should always keep in mind that it is very important to take care of our personal hygiene—and that, of course, includes changing our undergarments at least once a day.

However, it seems like this 23-year-old woman named Fang Fang from Wuhan, Hubei doesn’t know the importance of personal hygiene—and changing an underwear every day. In her case, she only changes her undies once a month.

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Based on the narrative taken from China.com, Fang Fang began to feel unwell about two months ago. Unbothered by what she was feeling during that time, she decided not to do anything about it.

Then,10 days after that, Fang Fang eventually started to feel excruciating stomach pains, which later led her friend to send her to the hospital for an immediate medical attention.

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Soon after her check-up, the doctor found out that Fang Fang has a growing malignant cell growth on her vulva and she needed to undergo a medical operation. According to the doctors, this particular health condition is common to most menopausal women and rarely appear in younger women.

However, Fang Fang’s doctors also discovered that the real reason for her health condition was her poor personal hygiene. She revealed that she has a habit of not changing her undies once a month. She also said that she seldom changes her bra.

“I am a bit lazy and I rarely wash my underclothes. When I get my period I will continue wearing the same underwear for about a month and clean it with some tissue.”

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