“The Lord of Scents” Joel has a bunch of gorgeous children who are all grown up!

“The Lord of Scents” Joel has a bunch of gorgeous children who are all grown up!

Apart from his multi-million business, Joel Cruz is also busy being a doting father to his three sets of twins. It might seem strange since we don’t know any other local celebrity who has three pairs of Russian twins running around their house. However, The Lord of Scents’ controversial fondness for having children through his Russian surrogate doesn’t seem to be brought on by malice or anything of the sort.

The first pair of twins that were born were Prince Sean and Princess Synne. After them, Joel Cruz welcomed Prince Harry and Prince Harvey in his life. Then, the last pair to enter the scene was Prince George and Princess Charlotte, named after the kids of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

ach child was brought into this world using in vitro fertilization. We all know that this detailed and intricate process doesn’t come cheap. In an interview with Regine Velasquez for “Sarap Diva,” Joel Cruz revealed that he had to spend PHP 12M for each set of twins.

Some of us might think that six kids is enough and that Joel’s wallet cannot carry the cost anymore. However, during the fun interview, the Aficionado owner said that he wants to have one more set of twins from the program he uses in Russia.

“Yun na ‘yung last program sa Russia. I’m hoping and praying na sana kambal ulit sila. Para maging walo sila.”

The Lord of Scents truly wants to have a big family and we can see from their interaction that the kids are happy and respectful. Asked what his wish was for his lovely children, Joel said that he wants them to be God-fearing and generous to those who are less fortunate. He also wishes that his kids would take over the business and to be the second generation he was looking for.

Source: elitenewsfeed

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