Liza Soberano steps up to prove that she’s on par with MOMOLAND’s Nancy

Liza Soberano steps up to prove that she’s on par with MOMOLAND’s Nancy

It wasn’t too long ago when netizens first pointed out the resemblance between K-Pop star Nancy of MOMOLAND and our very own Liza Soberano. While it was easy for some to embrace their similarities, loyalists from both camps argued that their idol was prettier than the other!

Surely you’ve also seen some Filipino netizens defending Liza Soberano, saying she’s obviously more beautiful than the Korean idol. Well, it seems as though the war isn’t going to be over anytime soon.

The respective fans of the two lovely ladies are at it again — this time, they’re trying to determine how Liza and Nancy compare in terms of dancing talent!

Now, Nancy’s talent is undeniable as she’s part of a successful K-Pop group. She has a long history of training, considering how the pop idol industry in South Korea is really competitive. Meanwhile, Liza Soberano hasn’t really gotten the opportunity to showcase her dancing talents. She is, however, a talented actress.

In a recent mall tour, Liza Soberano was given the chance to dance – and it was to a beat similar to MOMOLAND’s hit song, BBoom BBoom. Of course, netizens took this as their chance to compare the talent levels of the two ladies in terms of dancing.

It is hard to deny that they both have the makings of a good dancer! However, a lot of people pointed out that Liza Soberano would have to step up her game in order to be considered on the same level as Nancy. Again, this is just in terms of dancing.

Some of Liza Soberano’s more hardcore fans wouldn’t back down, though! They argued that it was unfair to compare Liza’s mall performance with Nancy’s live performance of her group’s hit song. After all, the two performances have different styles and of course, choreography.

Watch Liza Soberano’s dancing skills in action below.

Source: filipinovines


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