Joel Cruz reacts to netizen who told him to marry the mother of his children

Joel Cruz reacts to netizen who told him to marry the mother of his children

The multi-millionaire entrepreneur Joel Cruz proudly announced the birth of his eighth child on his Instagram. Joel now has six sons and two daughters in total and three pairs of his children are twins.

His eldest twins are the 6-year-olds Prince Sean and Princess Synne. The second eldest twins are Prince Harry and Prince Harvey who are 3 years old. The last set of twins are Charles and Charlotte who are still a year old. His seventh child is five months old named Zeid followed by his most recent son. Joel revealed that he still wishes to have two more daughters.

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On his Instagram account, a netizen left him a comment saying that he should marry the mother of his children.

“Pakasalan niyo na lang po kasi yung mother, (Joel Cruz). Huwag puro anak lang para happy family.”

Soon after receiving the comment Joel responded and told him that he has no intentions of marrying the mother. He shared that he availed the mother’s services through a program called InVitro Fertilization or Surogacy. It is a program wherein women voluntarily donate their egg cells for those people who want to have a child. Back in 2012, the process cost him 7M PHP.

Furthermore, he confidently and proudly said that he is a gay single dad. The six-foot Russian surrogate mother of his children, on the other hand, has her own happy family.

“The mother is married with (an) 11-year-old daughter. The fact that I am gay, happy, (and) single father is enough already. I don’t need to marry her at all!”

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For members of the LGBTQ community, it is difficult to have kids when you don’t have enough means to do so. It takes a lot of patience and commitment even prior to having the baby. Programs and processes like surrogacy are very expensive and this is besides all the financial responsibilities they will have once the baby is born.

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