Construction workers discover 123-year-old rare items inside a time capsule

Construction workers discover 123-year-old rare items inside a time capsule

Have you heard of time capsules? If you still haven’t, they are caches of items that were hidden at some point in time somewhere for it to be discovered sometime in the future. In a sense, it helps people to communicate with the people in the future.

Two years ago, a group of construction workers unearthed one.

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It was just a normal day for these workers based in the Scottish Highlands to hustle and earn money. Apparently, it was not just their daily wage that they earned that moment. Instead, they earned a national treasure.

These construction workers of the construction company Morgan Sindall found a metal tin that was just the size of an average shoe box while they were working on Ruthven road bridge near Kingussie located in the Cairngorms.

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They thought it was just a mere box, that is, until they opened the box. Inside the box was a bottle which was believed to have contained whiskey. They also found a scroll and a newspaper written way back in September 1894!

It was a time capsule that contained interesting items from 123 years ago!

These rare items were then delivered to Highland Folk Museum located in Newtonmore for preservation.

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An employee of Morgan Sindall named Robert Ogg talked to BBC back in 2015 and said:

“It is fascinating to think these items have been sitting in the bridge’s structure for 121 years.”

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“The changes which have occurred since it was placed there are extraordinary. If you think that the bridge was being used by horses back then, it gives you a sense of the time which has passed.”

via: Mirror
via: Mirror

Also, after unearthing the time capsule, he thought of making one for them. Who knows, the next generations may find it interesting as well!

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“We have actually been working with Kingussie Primary School to create our own time capsule which we hope will last as long.”

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