These photos look like Cassy Legaspi has another twin

These photos look like Cassy Legaspi has another twin

It’s usually normal for kids to look like their parents. And yes, it always happens every day.  However, sometimes, seeing the resemblance up-close and personal could be downright uncanny Just take a look at Carmina Villarroel and Cassy Legaspi.

Earlier this years, Carmina and Cassy made waves online after their Instagram pictures caused confusion among netizens. Many seemed to notice that Carmina and Cassy just looked like siblings while the others were praising the veteran actress for remaining radiantly youthful and refreshingly gorgeous despite her age.

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Then, recently, Zoren Legaspi resurrected the old buzz about them when the actor posted a picture of a woman on his Instagram account. He asked his followers who were the person wearing a face mask in the photo. Is it his wife, Carmina, or is it his daughter, Cassy?

The netizens, on the other hand, immediately reacted to the image. Looking through the comment section, it turned out that most netizens were really confused at it. Some said that they had a hard time deciding who she was while the others firmly argued that their answer was current.

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They even overanalyzed every body part of that person just to determine who she was. One even argued that there’s no way that it was Carmina because her hands looked so youthful and not wrinkled.

As of this writing, Zoren hasn’t revealed the answer to his Instagram post. Who do you think it was, Carmina or Cassy?

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Source: GMA Entertainement | Instagram | GMA Entertainment 

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