Bb Gandanghari kicks off her golden years with a bang!

Bb Gandanghari kicks off her golden years with a bang!

Bb Gandanghari is one of the most controversial and colorful figures in Philippine show business. Through the years, we have seen her transformation right before our very eyes. A lot of people look up to the icon because of her boldness and bravery. Bb is simply one of those people who are not afraid to show who they really are.


Recently, the icon made waves once again on social media with one of her most daring posts yet. As we know, last September 4, 2018, the reached the big 5-0 and gracefully entered the “golden years” in her life. In the said post, Bb laid lying down on the beach in her birthday suit, which was basically only her skin. She captioned it with the words:

“Not only were we born into this world #barenaked, we are also just a grain of sand on GOD’s endless shore …” 

She then followed it up with numerous hashtags. Some of the most memorable ones were “#GoldenBB”, “#GoldenGirl”, and “#CelebratingGoldenYear.”



Reaching this age is certainly a milestone for a lot of people. Aside from reaching the “half-century mark,” it may also stand for a culmination of all the experiences someone went through that shaped them into the “golden girls” and “golden boys” that they are. At this point in her life, Bb Gandanghari is certainly shining brighter than ever.


Netizen’s shared their thoughts on the comments section of the post:

Bb. Gandanghari was formerly known as “Rustom Padilla.” She revealed her true identity in 2006 during her stint in the famous reality show, “Pinoy Big Brother.” In 2016, she flew to California to get legal recognition for her gender as female. Aside from this, the icon also requested to be legally known as Binibini Gandanghari. Both requests were granted in the same year.


As of today, she is permanently living her life in the United States while pursuing acting, modeling and directing careers. We would like to wish Bb. Gandanghari a happy, happy birthday! May she continue to inspire others in these golden years!


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