Young man cries himself on the side of the street after experiencing his first heartbreak over his gay lover

We can all agree that love is the greatest and most powerful feeling in the world. There’s no doubt that every one of us has once dreamt of meeting our lifetime partner. Here in the country, we usually see teenagers as they vocally express their romance on social media. Through Facebook or Twitter, we can easily see how intimate young couples of today can be. But just recently, a netizen has uploaded the video of his good friend, who just experienced his first heartbreak. 

Facebook page, HugotBeki, reuploaded the said clip on their feed. As of writing, the viral video has already gained almost 500,000 views and 9,000 shares online. 

In the clip, a group of men was comforting a young man, who was crying himself on the side of the street. It was believed that this man just had his first ever heartbreak. Unlike what we’ve all expected, he was actually crying over his separation with his gay lover. It was believed that his former boyfriend has left him for another man.

Upon hearing his sad news, his friends immediately did their best to cheer him up. In fact, they even tried to comfort him through their advice. Some of them encouraged him to try and work things out with his partner. They also tried to reassure him that things will soon get better and that he’ll eventually move on from their breakup.

Like his friends, many netizens also tried to send their comforting messages to the broken man. Some of them were also amazed to see this young man’s love towards his former partner. Check out some of their sentiments down below:


A boy crying because of a gay and he's crying cause she breaking up with him.

Posted by HugotBeki on Sunday, January 6, 2019