A Real Life Fairy Tale: Vietnamese woman’s online boyfriend turns out to be a rich businessman

Love is a risk, especially when you’re dating someone whom you met online. A Vietnamese woman named Nguyen Van Anh took the risk and got her happily ever after. However, before the merry ending, she got the biggest surprise of her life upon meeting the man she’s been dating for months. Little did she knew, her online boyfriend was actually a rich businessman.

Their love story which looked like straight out of a movie had all started when Van Ahn spotted a photo of her favorite idol together with a man on social media. With the hope that the man personally knew her idol, she decided to drop a message on him through Facebook.

The man was Dang Tuan, a Vietnamese based in Russia, who unfortunately informed her that he doesn’t have a close relationship with her idol. Although it was sad news, this marked the beginning of the blossoming relationship between the two.

Van Ahn and Dang Tuan felt comfortable with each other as their conversation went on. In 2016, they officially became a couple. Their 10-month long distance relationship was never easy. Van Ahn’s parents were skeptical about her boyfriend, especially when he asked her hand in marriage.

Still, their love conquered this struggle. Dang Tuan luckily got the approval of Van Ahn’s parents. On March 2017, Van Ahn flew all the way to Russia to plan their wedding. Much to her surprise, she learned that her boyfriend was a wealthy businessman and had been the general manager of a well-known fashion brand.

Apparently, he purposely kept his status a secret as he didn’t want her to know yet. As for Van Anh, regardless of financial status in life, she would have fallen for him. It isn’t shocking anymore when they got married in a grand and lavish hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. The married couple now happily lives in Russia together with their two children.

Netizens gushed over their love story. Here are some of their comments.

SOURCE: World of Buzz
PHOTO SOURCES: 1-8 QQ News | 9-15 Baomoi