Tony Labrusca is on fire now after the issue in NAIA

The Kapamilya actor Tony Labrusca is under fire after being involved in an incident in NAIA. The said actor is reported shouting and cursing Immigration officials and supposedly demanding that he must be given a Balik Bayan Visa.

Just recently, Tony Labrusca announced in his recently-deleted tweet last January 3, “Just landed in Manila and the Philippine immigration only gave me 30 days here. Lol. K.”
After the said tweet, NAIA Immigration Officers told and shared the other side of the story thru Facebook.

The issue became viral on social media and a number of netizens also expressed their disappointment towards the actor.
A netizen revealed the rude behavior of this ABS-CBN actor in front of the Immigration Officers in NAIA Terminal 1.

On a Facebook post of a netizen last Thursday, January 3, she witnessed the scene made by the actor in airport.
From PEP, according to the immigration officer’s version of the story, there is a basis why the Immigration officials gave Tony only 30 days to stay here in the Philippines and advised not to prolong his stay in the country.

Published as is, the said officer wrote on her post,
“You don’t have a Philippine passport, not even born in the Philippines, and not travelling with filipino parents, but you want the same treatment as the other former filipinos.”
“You even shouted and cursed at my supervisor, bragging that you’re a celebrity.”
“Ang galing mo talaga umeksena, hindi ka na nahiya sa ibang tao. Sigaw ka nang sigaw sa harap ng officers.”

According to her post, Tony stressed out that he needs to stay in the Philippines for a long time due to his work commitments as a celebrity.
“The funny thing is, you were so proud to brag that you work here when you’re only supposed to be a tourist here in the Philippines.”

“Tapos mai ganito ka pa na post. Palakpakan!”
“For your info, Balikbayan visa is not a working visa.”
“Nakakahiya ka. Period.”

In the comment section is another witness who saw the situation and left his response in the comment box, where he called Tony as an “arrogant US citizen”.

PEP contacted the netizen and found out that he was the Immigration supervisor whom Tony shouted and cursed. He refused to provide his name and asked for privacy. The said supervisor defended his officers’ posts and comments on Facebook.
He also confirmed to PEP that Tony arrived in NAIA Terminal 1, in PAL Canadian flight, last Thursday morning.

“He was referred by the primary immigration officer. Witnessed by other immigration officers and passengers.”

He also said that it is true that he only gave Tony 30 days stay in the country.
“a tourist status na yun lang yun dapat na status niya talaga.”

He explained that Tony is demanding for a Balikbayan Visa.
“He was vehemently demanding for this status this morning.”
“The Balik Bayan Visa (RA6768) is a 1 year free visa upon arrival.”

“It is a privilege for FORMER filipinos and their direct alien national family members (spouse and children) accompanying them.”
“PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. — This is only given if the said ‘foreigner’ is traveling w/ his parents who’re former Filipinos or are still Filipino citizens.”

In that case, his visa is not appropriate since he arrived alone from Canada.
“He was traveling with neither of his parents this morning.”

“He is a US citizen holding of course a US passport. Not even a dual citizen.”
“Ayusin na lang sana yun status niya w/ our country – that was what I was trying to explain to him.”
“He is after all ‘still a foreigner’ obviously working in the Philippines w/o a proper visa.”

What can you say about it?
We hope everything will be fine soon!

Source: PEP

Photo Source: 1-15 Instagram