Serge Osmeña gives love advice through a slice of pizza

The wife of Filipino politician Serge OsmeñaBetinna Osmeña, posted a video on Facebook that recently went viral. The video was of Serge giving advice to their adolescent niece about boys and relationships. The politician used a pizza as a metaphor to explain his thoughts on the topic at hand.

There is a saying that as you age you become wiser and wiser. And when you watched and heard what Serge had to say about love, you’d believe that it’s true. In fact, many netizens relate to what he said. In just a few days, it reached 29 thousand shares with 26 thousand likes & reactions

In the video, Serge Osmeña was telling his niece to break up with her boyfriend. Like every adolescent in a relationship, his niece told him that her boyfriend was a nice guy and that it is not easy to break up with someone. Serge calmly told her that if a guy is nice, he would never make a girl cry. He also said that he knows letting go will not be easy but when she learns how to do it, good things can come her way.

During their conversation, they were all having pizza. Serge was quick on his feet by coming up with a metaphor to further explain himself, he said:

When you have an issue with a guy, like pizza, you don’t instantly reject, maybe you don’t like one topping, ayaw mo ng bell pepper, ok, tanggalin mo lang kasi gusto mo pa rin kainin yung pizza. You don’t like onion, remove it, eat pizza.
But you see, if you love pizza, if you love the guy, you have to take it, TAKE him as he is. Then adjust. Don’t try to change him. Kasi he is a pizza, he is supposed to be a lot of things. Kung ayaw mo pala lahat sa kanya bakit mo inorder?

After his pizza metaphor, his niece suddenly said how she thinks her boyfriend has someone else. Just like that, Serge said:

Yun pala… the only love triangle that is ACCEPTABLE is a slice of pizza.

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