Meet Ina Raymundo’s eldest child, Erika Poturnak

In case you have not seen Ina Raymundo’s first born, hold on!
We got it for you! Check out this gallery and see how Ina and her daughter, Erika, took “twinning” to a completely next level.

Look at this photo of a 16-year-old Erika together with her friend. Taken in Sydney, Australia where she welcomed the New Year, Erika flaunt a royal blue bikini, fit for her curvy build, compared to her mother’s skinny figure.

Here is a striking photo of Ina and Erika in front of the mirror. Ina is with her perfectly fit yellow-golden sando and a denim shorts with a black belt, while Erika on her military-inspired aura.

A throwback photo of Ina and her daughter when she was still young, where many people noticed the likeness of little Erika to the country’s Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo. Even Ina acknowledged Kathryn and Erika’s facial similarity.

“When I first worked with @bernardokath (she was 14), I kept telling her that my eldest looked a lot like her. I can still see it now at a certain angle. That’s why Kathryn has a soft spot in my [heart emoji].”

Ina with her four lovely daughters, Erika, Mikaela, Anika, and Minka. She also have a son with a Ukrainian-Canadian husband, Brian Poturnak.

It seems like these two are both gym people as they wear fitness attires. Ina and Erika were sporting a black track pants together. Erika took on her gray body fit cropped sleeveless top and Ina on her black long sleeves.

This is Erika with her only brother, Jakob. These two were such a pride of their family!

A photo of Erika with the well-known half-Filipino international music icon, Bruno Mars.

Beauty definitely runs on their blood, isn’t it?
As a matter of fact, for the past years, Ina usually posts photos of her three younger kids on her Instagram, and only recently she shared photos of her eldest on her account.
Do you want to know the reason behind it? Continue reading!

Back in 2015, Ina and her children were highlighted in Smart Parenting magazine cover. Erika obliged to be part of the family photo, but unwillingly accept it.

Last July 2016, Ina explained publicly why Erika is not always present on her social media posts.
“Sa lahat ng mga curious sa eldest ko, she wants anonymity. She doesn’t want to be on my IG.”
“I truly respect that, but I just want to share that my 14-year-old daughter is beautiful, smart, super strong (like her dad) and very independent.”

Can’t wait Erika to take her mom’s signature that marked in the Philippine showbiz industry!

Source: ABS-CBN

Photo Source: 1-15 Showbizhub