Man met his unfortunate fate after winning a drinking game

New Year’s Eve is supposed to be a day of celebration. It is a time of joy and happiness, forgetting the old, and welcoming the new. With the special event comes a feast, enjoying the food and booze on the table.

However, some apparently take the celebration too far that a gleeful moment turns into a gloomy time.

That is what happened when a man met his unfortunate fate when he departed due to liquor insobriety after winning a drinking game.

A netizen by the name of Ice Ignacio shared the misfortune of his childhood friend in Facebook that quickly went viral.

He posted a photo of his friend’s casket, as well as another that showed a couple of liquor bottles and shot glasses.

In his caption, he wrote:

Sleep tight my childhood friend. Guys, share ko lang cause of [redacted] nya pra aware din kayo and maiwasan. He died due to [redacted] last Dec 31.”

Despite being lucky in the game, his friend was unfortunate in life, not even making it to 2019. Ice expressed his shock of his friend’s sudden passing, adding:

Yung pa-games na iinumin mo yung mga [redacted] shots with corresponding money. He won that game pero eto yung kapalit.. 😞 lahat kami nabigla.”

Many netizens sympathized with Ice, expressing their condolences for his friend. A number of netizens also reminded people in the platform to know your limit and always drink in moderation.

As of writing, the post received over 15,000 reactions from netizens. More than 12,000 commented and shared over 31,000 times.

Source/s: Facebook
Photo Source/s: 1 – 15 [Facebook]