Aljur Abrenica talks about his wedding with Kylie Padilla

On “Magandang Buhay,” Aljur Abrenica shared stories about his wedding with Kylie Padilla. If you have been living under a rock, this is the wedding everyone was talking about on social media — the intimate, grandeur event that we didn’t expect. The hosts of “Magandang Buhay” asked Aljur how he feels now that he is officially Kylie’s husband.

Masayang-masayang ‘yung puso ko.”

Furthermore, the actor shared how they came up with the wedding and how they were able to plan everything in less than a month. Apparently, Aljur and Kylie decided that if they were to have a wedding, everyone special in both their lives should be present.

Kylie’s mother and other siblings are based in Australia. According to Aljur, every special occasion they have, the only ones missing are Kylie’s mother and siblings. Because of this, he made a firm decision that they all have to be there at the wedding or else there wouldn’t be a wedding at all. They ended up waiting for Kylie’s family to book tickets and when they finally did, they were only going to stay for a few weeks, meaning they had to rush wedding plans. But none of it mattered for as long as there is finally a wedding to be celebrated by their families.

In the same interview, Aljur admitted that at first, they didn’t think a wedding was necessary since they already had a child together and were living under the same roof. However, that all changed when they went to someone’s special wedding. He shared:

Hanggang sa nakita ko ‘yung mga wedding ritual. Sabi ko ang ganda nito, may basbas ng Diyos. Tapos magsasama-sama ang buong pamilya, magkakakilala sila. So nag-decide kaming magpakasal, so importante talaga ang kasal.”

The actor was also able to share his current relationship with his father-in-law, Robin Padilla. He said that it was difficult at first, but now he sees Robin as a father to him more than just an in-law. It is obvious from his interview that Aljur is still very much at the peak of his joy and happiness. Even though it has already been a month, congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds.