Lovely Abella almost had a wardrobe malfunction as she sexily teased Tom Rodriguez

In the industry of entertainment, it is usual for stars to develop a strong relationship with their co-workers. Working under the same network, these people have already gained some friends whom they will treasure on and off cam. Recently, Lovely Abella made her friends and the netizens laugh after she teased her celebrity crush, Tom Rodriguez. The funny video has surfaced the internet which had happened during one of their friend’s birthday.

While the group was having a good time, Lovely’s top fell which almost revealed the side part of her chest. Many people burst into laughter after seeing the humorous clip.

In the video, Lovely was leaning in front of the actor as she teased him with her sexy voice. Her friends can be heard laughing in the background too. The comedian also tried to make fun of herself by pulling one of her straps down. Unexpectedly, the strap almost slips out of her hand nearly revealing the side part of her chest.  Luckily, Lovely managed to pull it back up and laughed at the incident with her friends.

Another video showed how Lovely funnily showed her workout routine. In the video, her friends can’t help but laugh at the unusual exercise the comedian has exhibited. She also made funny sounds as she tried to do sit-ups.

Without a doubt, any guy can be attracted by Lovely’s sizzling hot physique. The 32-year-old actress has recently graced the cover page of FHM Philippines. On its April issue, the comedian flaunts her hourglass-like figure as she held a single fabric to cover her.

First became a dancer at Willie Revillame’s “Wowowillie,” Lovely is currently busy as she became part of GMA’s longest-running comedy gag show, “Bubble Gang.”  She is also busy taking care of her 10-year-old daughter, Ikay, and her current love interest, Benj Manalo.